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Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons

Robyn Lev treats the whole person.  She has years of experience in emergency medical care, providing rehabilitation to college athletes, running her own brick and mortar pediatric occupational therapy clinic, providing rehabilitation to spinal cord injured, orthopedic and neurologically impaired and working in some of the best hospitals in our country.

Robyn Lev

No need to drive to
the doctor's office

No need to sit in the
waiting room

No need to be surrounded
by sick people


Robyn provides treatment for acute and chronic health issues.  She guides people and their families in the direction of a truly healthy life.  Many health problems are consequences of a busy lifestyle, food choices, stressors, environment, and genetic make-up.  It is her goal to help people identify these factors and find ways to modify them.  You will work together with Robyn to improve your overall personal health while preventing future health problems.



Remote Natural Medicine, RNM, is a grassroots movement and practice model that came about due to an urgent need to change our healthcare system.  The conventional healthcare system puts quantity over quality, and sick care over well care.  Remote Natural Medicine puts the focus back on patient first, personalized care and vibrant health.   For a nominal fee, you will receive personalized remote best standard care, including well care, sick care, and chronic care. You will have direct access to Robyn via phone, email, text, same day or next day sick appointments and minimal to no wait times.


  • Licensed Occupational Therapist in 7 states
  • Gross Anatomy Teacher, Columbia University Occupational & Physical Therapy Graduate Programs
  • Adjunct Professor in Occupational Therapy Graduate Program, Florida International University
  • Instructor in Occupational Therapy, Keiser College
  • Licensed Emergency Medical Technician in 2 states
  • Sports rehabilitation / EMT, Brandeis University Athletics 
  • Certified Personal Trainer National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Certified Health Educator Hippocrates Health Institute
  • Certified Provider of The Listening Program with Bone Conduction, Advanced Brain Technologies
  • Certified Ergonomic Specialist, Back School of Atlanta
  • Craniosacral Therapist
  • Somatoemotional Release Therapist
  • Energy Medicine Practitioner
  • Founder of Mama Power Supplements 🔗
  • Author of Your Divine Inheritance - Learn to Use Your God-Given Spiritual Gifts 🔗
  • Healthcare Reform Advocate
  • Health & Nutrition Advocate for Grassroots Organizations


"I have worked with Robyn for over 7 years. Two children later, we all go to Robyn. When my kids don’t feel well the first thing they will say is call Robyn. I would not have survived without her. I am a healthcare worker myself and am around the sickest people daily." - Margaret - St. Louis, MO

"The school called me to pick up my 6 year old daughter as she had a fever, achy and sore throat. I reached out to Robyn and she started treating my daughter immediately. My daughter went straight to bed. Next morning no fever, no aches, no sore throat." - Kellie - Seattle, WA

I was hospitalized and having an allergic reaction to meds they gave me. The nurse didn’t respond. My throat was closing up. I texted Robyn and got relief. - Jennifer - Boston, MA

My ear was totally clogged for 2 weeks- ached in pain and I couldn’t hear out of it. Moments after Robyn worked on me I literally felt the clog dissolving. It continued until 100 % better the next 30 minutes. Instant relief to totally better in less than a drive to an office! - Lanie - New York

* No one will be denied treatment because of financial hardship

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This self-care page is meant to inform, and is for educational purposes only. In no way is it intended to evaluate, diagnose or to treat any condition or disease, nor to replace consultation with a qualified health professional. It is strongly recommended that no-one seek to reduce or to discontinue any medication they may be on without prior discussion with their physician.