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In the 1950’s, Einstein said “frequencies will be the medicine of the future”. I am here to tell you the future is here.  As a medical intuitive I identify the root cause of someone’s disease, match the frequency with the pathogen and transmit frequencies that travel at the speed of light. Once the pathogen is removed from the body, the person begins to heal themself.

In addition to transmitting frequencies to heal the physical body, I help people release emotional trauma through intuited messages and help athletes achieve peak performance.  

I work with cats, dogs, horses and other pets to help them heal their physical body as well as helping them recover from abuse, PTSD or something else that upsets their emotional body.

Robyn Lev

More about Robyn:

My work has transformed into a fully remote practice where I integrate my skills as an occupational therapist, medical intuitive and energy practitioner in helping people and animals.

I hold a Master’s of Science degree in occupational therapy from Columbia University and have a strong background in child development, including the typically and atypically developing child, rehabilitation, pathophysiology. My experience from working at Miami Children’s Hospital, rehabilitation facilities, with collegiate athletes and running my own private pediatric therapy practice has provided me with  a wealth of experience.  

In my private practice I integrated best practice traditional therapies with holistic practices for optimal outcomes. I provided classes for parents to better understand their atypically developing child and how to best support their emotional health,  fine and gross motor development.

I was an adjunct professor at Florida International University Occupational Therapy program and taught at Keiser College Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. It was my joy to teach and share my experiences with occupational therapy students to best prepare them for helping others.

I am a Certified Holistic Health Educator through Hippocrates Health Institute and have learned the power of healing foods. I have lectured  at Wholefoods and other venues on health, wellness and the power of healing foods.

 I was inspired to write the self-help book, Your Divine Inheritance: Learn to Use your God-Given Spiritual Gifts to empower others to look inside themselves, connect with their divine light and use their God-given spiritual gifts.

The Mama Power Flower of Life-Quantum Pendant is made up of 13 separate spheres that are interconnected through the design to create this sacred shape generating many universal geometrical patterns and mathematical laws. The number 13 represents LOVE and the Hebrew word for love Ahava adds up to 13 in sacred geometry. This 14K Gold Plated Brass pendant embraces the harmonic energies of the Flower of Life symbol and advanced EMF technologies as well.

A great gift 🎁 to give to your loved ones to help them safeguard their harmonic frequencies and keep them protected against dissonant EMF’s which can be harmful to their health.

In Your Divine Inheritance: Learn to Use your God-Given Spiritual Gifts, you will see the full “I Am Love” Affirmation.  I was given the message to create  
I Am Love“ garments to help people heal themselves.

New clients - $250 - First Session plus follow up sessions
as needed up to one week.

I developed Mama Power Live Greens with Probiotics after years of working with clients who sought a superfoods supplement that helped strengthen their immune system, removed heavy metals/toxins and truly supercharges their overall health and well-being.

This product is made with 7 live greens including kale, chlorella and cilantro. Chlorella and cilantro binds and removes heavy metals, toxins and parasites from the body.

These superfoods have been fermented to supercharge your health. Consuming adequate amounts of soluble, fermentable fiber is very important for optimal health because it optimizes the function of the friendly bacteria in the gut.

Probiotic rich fermented foods have been eaten for centuries and have been fundamental in maintaining overall health and longevity in many ancient civilizations.

Everything in the universe has it's own vibrational frequency

Restore your body's harmonic resonance

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    Robyn is the real deal! She's a phenomenal medical intuitive and on top of that she is an energy practitioner that means she will help you heal. Every session I have with her I’m amazed at what she finds. She’s always spot on. I feel so indebted as she’s saved my fur babies life a few times.

    Mary Hernandez - Portland, Oregon

    Robyn has literally saved my life! After years of trying to get diagnosed, she hit the nail on the head. After working with me long standing health issues have disappeared! I no longer feel doomed and have a new optimistic outlook on life! Thank you so much!!!

     Gayle - New Mexico

    I found Robyn after my husband has been to every cardiologist and heart specialist to help with his high blood pressure. My husband is 38 years old, eats well and is in good shape. Robyn was able to help my husband so he no longer has to rely on daily blood pressure medications.

    Cecile Oloff - Albany, New York

    I contacted Robyn after my vet sent my 4 year old pup home to die..he didn’t eat for 4 days and was no longer drinking water on his own. His organs were shutting down. The vet told me there was nothing he could do for my beloved dog. Robyn told me my dog ate poison while he was at my mothers farm. She transmitted a custom frequency and my dog got his life back. I will forever be grateful to Robyn.

    Clarissa Stevens - San Francisco, California

    I contacted Robyn because my mom was hospitalized with a bone infection in her leg. A date was set to get her leg surgically amputated as the doctors feared the infection would spread to the rest of her body. I cried to Robyn as I did not want my mom to lose her leg. Within moments of Robyn working on my mom the swelling in her leg subsided. The next bone culture taken came back with no sign of infection and the surgery was cancelled. This was a miracle! I’ve never been witness to anything like this!

     Margaret - Florida

    I am witnessing miracles almost every day, since Robyn worked on my mom, Pearl. She has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for many years now. The decline has been hard to bear, especially her forgetting her own children’s names. Within days after Robyn working with my mom I saw signs of awakening. I continue to witness daily improvements. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible gift. You are an angel!

     Rene - New Hampshire

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