“Robyn is a phenomenal intuitive doctor who has helped my family recover from strep throat, shingles, and chronic ailments.  Her frequencies are for sure heaven sent. I don’t know what I would do without her.”    Maria, Missouri

Robyn Lev is completely holistic in her approach to helping people. She uses divine frequencies to support the body's healing, divine light energy tools, and intuitive messages. Embrace a most gentle yet powerful way to heal yourself, your fur babies, and generations before you, on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Connect to Mother Earth and the wonders of the universe. Imagine a gentle way for your body to heal itself from the inside out using sacred light energy.


No need to drive to
the doctor's office


No need to site in the
waiting room


No need to be surrounded
by sick people

“I have worked with Robyn for over 7 years. Two children later, we all go to Robyn. When my kids don’t feel well the first thing they will say is call Robyn.  I would not have survived without her.   I am a healthcare worker myself and am around the sickest people daily." - Elizabeth, NYC

Robyn is the author of Your Divine Inheritance: Learn to Use Your God-Given Spiritual Gifts. This book was divinely guided to empower all of God’s children to embrace their divine selves, grow their inner light, and help them hone their God-given spiritual gifts. She ran a thriving pediatric therapy clinic as a licensed occupational therapist with an emphasis on educating families on what their children are experiencing neurologically and how to help them best. She also empowered parents with energy techniques to help their children and themselves. In addition, she founded Mama Power, a supplement company for women to provide extraordinary nutrition for women, their families, and their pets, as women are often the driving force of a family's nutritional health.

”Her knowing and understanding of the body is vast and her intuition is keen and truly magical”. John, Hawaii


Remote Natural Medicine is a grassroots movement and practice model that came about due to an urgent need to change our healthcare system. The conventional healthcare system puts quantity over quality, and sick care over well care. Remote Natural Medicine puts the focus back on patient first, personalized care and vibrant health. You will receive personalized remote best standard care, including well care, sick care, and chronic care. You will have direct access to Robyn via phone, email, text, same day or next day sick appointments and minimal to no wait times.


“Thank you so much for the wonderful session on Thursday. I truly feel incredible transformation! I slept deeply. Thank you again! What a wonderful experience”
“I was hospitalized and having an allergic reaction to meds they gave me. The nurse didn’t respond. My throat was closing up. I texted Robyn and got relief.”
Jennifer - Boston, MA
“You have no idea the torment I was going through in my mind and no matter how hard I tried to will myself to be better mentally, I just couldn't do it. I was a prison in my own mind. It was pure hell. I knew thr mom I wanted to be and the great love I had for my children, but I couldn't pull myself out of my funk, the muck was to thick to trudge through and I hated myself for who I become as a person and felt like a failure as a mother and despised myself for it. I could take no more and after a night full of tears and praying to God for help I was desperate, the next morning Robyn literally saved me and was the answer to my fervent prayers! Thank you doesn't even seem like enough thank you!”
Mary - Ohio
“I had been suffering from numerous ailments including, aches and pains in my neck which were treated by a host of medical practitioners (chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists etc. ) with no long-term relief. Additionally, I was noticing extended periods of brain fog and forgetfulness. Worse yet, over the years I had suffered terribly with insomnia; there could be a string of days where I had accumulated a sum total of 45 minutes of sleep! When I had the amazing opportunity to connect with Robyn, she was able to readily assess the problem and within moments knew that I had a virus plaguing my body which was disrupting my entire system; including my sleep cycles! I am ecstatic to report that my health continues to improve daily! No more brain fog, no aches and pains, and I have finally slept! I feel back to me, actually I feel better than I did before! I am forever grateful for her Divine healing work! I would recommend anyone suffering with any health concerns, reach out to Robyn! Her work is miraculous!”
“My ear was totally clogged for 2 weeks- ached in pain and I couldn’t hear out of it. Moments after Robyn worked on me I literally felt the clog dissolving. It continued until 100 % better the next 30 minutes. Instant relief to totally better in less than a drive to an office!”
Lanie - New York

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Robyn founded Mama Power in 2019

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