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Improve your Game by Changing your Subconscious Thoughts

Are you a weekend warrior, semi-pro or professional athlete who wants to improve their game? Do you want to swim faster, improve your tennis game, keep your pitch in the strike zone or beat your own time in running? 

About 95% of your life experiences are created from your subconscious, whereas only 4-5 % of your life experiences are created from your conscious thoughts. Your childhood experiences, good and bad, create your subconscious thoughts, how you feel about yourself and can hinder your athletic performance. 

Complete the contact form and specify your performance goals.  Robyn will contact you to schedule a phone session. Being an intuitive means that Robyn gets messages and information on how you can improve your game. She will guide you through a phone session to help you achieve your performance goals and provides ongoing Text Messaging and Phone Calls for follow up support and questions.

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    I have tried to improve my tennis game in many ways, however, I always felt that something was holding me back. I reached out to Robyn and had a phone session with her. After that one session my tennis playing radically improved and I became the tennis player I always wanted to be.

    -Judith Levithan, Dallas, TX

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