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Take the Next Step to Better Parenting

Studies have shown that wearing a mask for over 3 hours may cause dehydration- in the summer this is even more of an issue. The Nazi’s told the Jews to wear an arm band “for their health” just like some children are being told to wear a mask “for their health”. A mask is a muzzle. It is a political statement not a health device. The message a mask sends to our kids is their voices are not important and we don’t want to hear what they have to say.

We as observant Jews go to great lengths to maintain stringent levels of kashrut in our home. We check our leafy greens for bugs, we purchase kosher meat in which the lungs of cattle have been checked for diseases, and we do not bring into our homes any products that do not have a heksher. However, we allow our children to wear masks for hours and hours in which they are breathing in their own bacteria, and the carbon dioxide that we breathe out is a waste product of respiration- not supposed to be reinhaled. It is time that we take a close inventory of our behavior.

Here’s some information, indisputable facts, I need to share with the mothers and fathers of the world:

  1. Buy organic kosher meat that has not been injected with antibiotics and hormones.
  2. Choose organic fruits and vegetables that are listed on the dirty list that is produced every year which specifies which fruits and vegetables have been sprayed with pesticides the most. Eating organic, live, raw food maximizes your health.
  3. GMO’s or genetically modified organisms are not recognized by the body as food but rather as foreign bodies and may cause leukocytosis, an increase in white blood cells. Studies have shown that GMO’s may contribute to allergies and do not support a healthy body.
  4. Harmful neurotoxins, like colored dyes are listed on ingredient labels of many dessert products like icing, sprinkles and candies. These are not naturally grown from the earth but rather produced in laboratories- these are chemicals and effect our children’s daily physiology and immune systems.
  5. White sugar is inflammatory to the human body and requires insulin to balance the blood sugar levels. Best to use organic sugar, unrefined coconut sugar, raw honey in baking. There are many products available that do not trigger such an insulin response and helps maintain more balanced blood glucose levels like coconut nectar and stevita. (Read the ingredients of stevia -some contain dextrose which is sugar).
  6. Everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. Many sunscreens contain aluminum and other heavy metals that you do not want in your child’s body. Purchase a sunscreen with zinc oxide. The sun provides us with vitamin D which helps perform many vital biological reactions in our body.
  7. Nasal swabs used in Covid testing contain ethylene oxide which is a known carcinogen. By inserting this chemical into the higher nasal passages, you are introducing cancer into your child’s body.

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