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Robyn works with people who are experiencing acute and chronic health conditions.

If you or a loved one are experiencing an acute condition like ear infection, headaches, sore throat and fever then reach out to Robyn immediately for support. 

If you or a loved one are experiencing a chronic health condition like an auto immune disorder, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, brain fog, recurring headaches, nerve pain, muscle weakness etc than reach out to Robyn for support.

If you are experiencing any type of health crisis complete the contact form and include symptoms you’re experiencing.

Robyn will contact you to schedule a phone session. Being a medical intuitive means that Robyn gets messages, and information on your health. She will guide you through a phone session so your body can begin to heal itself.

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    I developed Mama Power Live Greens with Probiotics after years of working with clients who sought a superfoods supplement that helped strengthen their immune system, removed heavy metals/toxins and truly supercharges their overall health and well-being.

    This product is made with 7 live greens including kale, chlorella and cilantro. Chlorella and cilantro binds and removes heavy metals, toxins and parasites from the body.

    These superfoods have been fermented to supercharge your health. Consuming adequate amounts of soluble, fermentable fiber is very important for optimal health because it optimizes the function of the friendly bacteria in the gut.

    Probiotic rich fermented foods have been eaten for centuries, are traditions in many cultures throughout the world and have been fundamental in maintaining overall health and longevity in many ancient civilizations.


    If you are looking for a Healer with Heart, look no further than Robyn. Robyn doesn’t just heal with her hands, she heals with her heart and her whole being. It is obvious Robyn was put on this earth to care deeply about people and animals. It’s just in her DNA. She has worked on me, my son and my horse. My son had heavy metal toxicity. If you are sick contact her immediately. She will help you!

     Katy - Arizona

    I am so thankful for Robyn and the work she does. I suffer from IBS. I was doubled over in pain lying on the floor. Robyn worked on me and saved me from going to the emergency room. The next day it was as if nothing ever happened. Robyn has helped me become healthy again. She worked on my daughter when she was diagnosed with cancer. She also worked on my dog when I thought he was dying as he had little energy and could not walk. Believe in Robyn as the work she does is miraculous!”

     Carly - Minnesota

    I had a very long medical history, including cancer and a stroke, by the time I was 35 years old. I was told over and over I would never have children. I started working with Robyn and soon became pregnant. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Christmas morning. Thank you Robyn!”

     Carla - Missouri

    I am a mama of four young kids and have never been able to swim in a pool with them because of a severe chlorine allergy. I used to get a horrible reaction to chlorine including red welts, puffy eyes and itchiness. Robyn worked on me to rid me of this allergy and now I am free of this allergy and loving my time in the pool with my kids! Thank you Robyn!”

     Natalie - Iowa

    I used to have trouble sleeping and felt like I was in a brain cloud all day. Thanks to Robyn, I feel refreshed, able to focus and my work performance has improved dramatically!”

     Jay - Oregon

    Robyn is a gift who came into my life through a series of synchronicities. I had been suffering from numerous ailments including, aches and pains in my neck which were treated by a host of medical practitioners (chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists etc. ) with no long-term relief. Additionally, I was noticing extended periods of brain fog and forgetfulness. Worse yet, over the years I had suffered terribly with insomnia; there could be a string of days where I had accumulated a sum total of 45 minutes of sleep! When I had the amazing opportunity to connect with Robyn, she was able to readily assess the problem and within moments knew that I had a virus plaguing my body which was disrupting my entire system; including my sleep cycles! She healed me within moments, and I am ecstatic to report that my health continues to improve daily! No more brain fog, no aches and pains, and I have finally slept! I feel back to me, actually I feel better than I did before! I am forever grateful for her Divine healing work! I would recommend anyone suffering with any health concerns, reach out to Robyn! Her work is miraculous!

     Mandi - New York

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    This self-care page is meant to inform, and is for educational purposes only. In no way is it intended to evaluate, diagnose or to treat any condition or disease, nor to replace consultation with a qualified health professional. It is strongly recommended that no-one seek to reduce or to discontinue any medication they may be on without prior discussion with their physician.