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Natural Medicine Doctor 

Returning clients - $150 per session
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Robyn uses sacred energy medicine to address physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. For those who have not experienced this type of work, childhood trauma may come up for a healing bringing up raw feelings. Embrace the courage it takes to heal the trauma you have experienced in order to move ahead in your life. Robyn creates a safe, sacred place to heal whatever chooses to arise. *Please make sure to be in a quiet place during your session.


What to Expect?

A first session may be one hour or more as needed. Robyn will work closely with you addressing physical, emotional and spiritual issues. She will check up on you to see how you slept, how you are feeling and will inquire about residual symptoms. Robyn is a Medical Intuitive and will tune into you to assess your health and transmit healing frequencies. In addition, she will address emotional issues, childhood trauma, past life issues that are interfering with you moving forward in your life. She will assess your energetic field including: your auric field, chakras, meridians and connect your energetic field to the earth’s grid. This will improve your energetic health, help you feel more grounded in your body and enhance your spiritual self.  Robyn will review your nutritional supplements, exercise regimen, lifestyle and diet. Lastly, she will relay messages she receives during your session and provide recommendations to improve your health and longevity. 

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Robyn founded Mama Power in 2019


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