“I contacted Robyn as I thought I would have to put my beloved dog to sleep. Instead, Robyn transmitted frequencies and soon after my dog started to eat and drink.  I will always be grateful.” Gerald, San Diego.



Robyn will transmit divine frequencies to help your pet recover from illness. She will intuit best diet, vitamins and minerals to support your pets healing. She will be your pets voice and communicate his feelings. She has worked with hamsters, squirrels, birds, cats, dogs, horses, wolves, deer, lions, bearded dragons and more.

New Pet Client: $250 for 7 days 

Returning Pet Client: $150

“We have a pony who has had some sort of roughness in his past. He is weary of anyone but children. We have had him for 3 years and he still acts like I’m going to kill him when I wipe his eyes - and i do it daily. Robyn worked on him and immediately i saw the difference the next day. He just had a look of peace and calmness to him. You could see it in his eyes and in the way he interacted with us. Thank you Robyn for sharing your special talents with me and my family. Thank you for being an earth angel on this planet.”

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No need to drive to
the doctor's office


No need to sit in the
waiting room


No need to be surrounded
by sick people

“My vet told me there was nothing more she could do for my dog Alice after not eating for 5 days. A friend texted me Robyn’s information. Robyn transmitted frequencies to help- told me Alice rat ate poison while at my mother’s farm. She started drinking water within the next hour and started eating few hours later. The next day she was playing in the yard like nothing ever happened.” -Jack, Washington

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“Robyn provides treatment for acute and chronic health issues. She guides people and their families in the direction of a truly healthy life. Many health problems are consequences of a busy lifestyle, food choices, stressors, environment, and genetic make-up. It is her goal to help people identify these factors and find ways to modify them. You will work together with Robyn to improve your overall personal health while preventing future health problems.”

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Remote Natural Medicine is a grassroots movement and practice model that came about due to an urgent need to change our healthcare system. The conventional healthcare system puts quantity over quality, and sick care over well care. Remote Natural Medicine puts the focus back on patient first, personalized care and vibrant health. You will receive personalized remote best standard care, including well care, sick care, and chronic care. You will have direct access to Robyn via phone, email, text, same day or next day sick appointments and minimal to no wait times.

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Your Divine Inheritance
Learn to Use Your God Given Spiritual Gifts



Robyn Lev is a Natural Medicine Doctor who has a practice without borders. Prior to becoming a Natural Medicine Doctor, Robyn had a private brick-and-mortar practice as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. Robyn is also the author of “Your Divine Inheritance- Learn to Use your God-Given Spiritual Gifts” and founded the organic plant-based supplement company “Mama Power”.

Robyn received her MS in Science in Occupational Therapy at Columbia University. She received top-notch clinical experience working at Miami Children’s Hospital and renowned rehab hospitals like Northeast Georgia Medical Center and Burke Rehab in White Plains, New York. She began her teaching experience as a TA of Gross Anatomy at Columbia University while still in graduate school. Robyn was a professor at Florida International University (FIU) Occupational Therapy Grad program and Keiser College OT Department. She is a strong advocate for nutrition, energy medicine, and child development.


“I reached out to Robyn as my cat stopped eating…she was barely drinking..the vet sent my fluffy home to die. During fluffy’s session with Robyn, she walked straight to her food bowl and started eating..I cried tears of joy..don’t wait..reach out to Robyn immediately.”
- M Bookman, Ohio
“After months of blood tests, scans and still no diagnosis I reached out to Robyn for help with my dog. In the first session Robyn told me what was going on and began the healing process. I saw my dog calm for the first time in weeks.” - D. Morris, Washington
“I reached out to Robyn as a last effort to save my dog after he stopped eating and remained at vet hospital for 5 days. I picked him up that Friday as the vet told me there was nothing more I could do for him..Robyn told me my dog ate poison and helped him recover. By the next day my dog was eating, drinking and playing in the yard.”
- C. Goldberg, Vermont

Robyn founded Mama Power in 2019

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This self-care page is meant to inform, and is for educational purposes only. In no way is it intended to evaluate, diagnose or to treat any condition or disease, nor to replace consultation with a qualified health professional. It is strongly recommended that no-one seek to reduce or to discontinue any medication they may be on without prior discussion with their physician.