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Eat plant based for vibrant health and longevity.


🥑 2 avocados
🥑 1 shallot finely sliced
🍋 Fresh lemon juice from 1-2           lemons
🥑 Himalayan salt

*Dash of cayenne for a little spice

Celery and Almond Butter

🌱Raw almond butter
Maple syrup as desired

Cashew Dip

🥗1 Cup Cashews
🥗1 Red Pepper
🥗½ cup non-fortified, non-GMO nutritional yeast

🍋Fresh lemon juice from 1 lemon🥗Himalayan salt to taste
🥗(optional: tamari)

👉Use tamponade to blend in Vitamix
👉Dip can last in refrigerator a few days

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    Robyn has literally saved my life! Long standing health issues have disappeared! After years of trying to get diagnosed, she hit the nail on the head. I no longer feel doomed and have a new optimistic outlook on life! Thank you so much!!!”


    New Mexico

    I contacted Robyn because my mom was hospitalized with a bone infection in her leg. A date was set to get her leg surgically amputated as the doctors feared the infection would spread to the rest of her body. I cried to Robyn as I did not want my mom to lose her leg. Within moments of Robyn working on my mom the swelling in her leg subsided. The next bone culture taken came back with no sign of infection and the surgery was cancelled. This was a miracle! I’ve never been witness to anything like this! Thank you Robyn with all my heart!”



    I am witnessing miracles almost every day, since Robyn worked on my mom, Pearl. She has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for many years now. The decline has been hard to bear, especially her forgetting her own children’s names, (She raised 8 of us). Only days after Robyn ran some protocols on her, I saw signs of awakening. The first sign was when I heard her say to me, “yes I remember you talking about that.” I was floored that the word remembers was even used in a sentence. I continue to witness daily improvements, like the day a delivery man came to the door and asked her how many kids she has, to my complete surprise, she raised her hand and one finger at a time, she named off each of her 8 children, in perfect order!! My mouth fell open as she looked at me to confirm her answer. IT HAS BEEN YEARS SINCE SHE WAS ABLE TO DO THAT!! And yesterday, mom decided to cook herself eggs for breakfast and she did just that! Thank you so much for sharing this incredible gift. You are an angel!


    New Hampshire

    If you are looking for a Healer with Heart, look no further than Robyn. Robyn doesn’t just heal with her hands, she heals with her heart and her whole being. It is obvious Robyn was put on this earth to care deeply about people and animals. It’s just in her DNA. She has worked on me, my son and my horse. My son had heavy metal toxicity. If you are sick contact her immediately. She will help you!”



    I am so thankful for Robyn and the work she does. I suffer from IBS. I was doubled over in pain lying on the floor. Robyn worked on me and saved me from going to the emergency room. The next day it was as if nothing ever happened. Robyn has helped me become healthy again. She worked on my daughter when she was diagnosed with cancer. She also worked on my dog when I thought he was dying as he had little energy and could not walk. Believe in Robyn as the work she does is miraculous!”



    I had a very long medical history, including cancer and a stroke, by the time I was 35 years old. I was told over and over I would never have children. I started working with Robyn and soon became pregnant. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Christmas morning. Thank you Robyn!”



    I am a mama of four young kids and have never been able to swim in a pool with them because of a severe chlorine allergy. I used to get a horrible reaction to chlorine including red welts, puffy eyes and itchiness. Robyn worked on me to rid me of this allergy and now I am free of this allergy and loving my time in the pool with my kids! Thank you Robyn!”



    I used to have trouble sleeping and felt like I was in a brain cloud all day. Thanks to Robyn, I feel refreshed, able to focus and my work performance has improved dramatically!”



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