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Stay Connected to Your True Self

A daily self-care practice that addresses your mental, physical and spiritual health is more important now than ever. As we continue to navigate this unpredictable time, this daily practice will bring you back to your center and into your heart space. We are being stretched and challenged by new energies. Stay connected to your true self and your inner light. 

Identify the daily activities that help you feel best. Engage in these activities and use them to shift your energy into a paradyme of love. Know your true Self is coming up to the surface. No longer can you remain hidden. Your authentic Being is rising up as never before. Know everyday you are becoming a better version of you.

You are your breath.  You are your light. You are your love that emanates from deep inside.  Love yourself more than you’ve ever loved yourself before. You are the author of your own story. You are the author of your own future. You are more powerful than you think. Think it, feel it and create it. Start writing the next chapter of your story today.

Robyn Lev

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This self-care page is meant to inform, and is for educational purposes only. In no way is it intended to evaluate, diagnose or to treat any condition or disease, nor to replace consultation with a qualified health professional. It is strongly recommended that no-one seek to reduce or to discontinue any medication they may be on without prior discussion with their physician.